Best Blenders For Mixed Drinks

Want to serve mixed drinks at today’ s party? Before planning to serve mixed drinks, read the details for the best blenders for mixed drinks, and order the one for you.The beverages with two or more ingredients are known as mixed drinks. Some of them contain alcoholic parts and others are completely non-alcoholic. For example, Cup is a drink containing wine and other ingredients may be a fruit juice or carbonated drinks. The Cup is an alcoholic mixed drink. On the other side, the cocktail is a combination of more than two flavors. It is a non-alcoholic mixed drink.

Other mixed drinks include Cobbler, Margarita, Fizz, Flip, Crusta, Punch, Shrub, Sour, Mojitos Highball, Sling, and many more. Among these drinks, some are alcoholic and others are non-alcoholic but these beverages are the combination of two or more ingredients so they all are mixed drinks.

You can order are mixed drink at the bar counter but if you are on the budget, you can prepare them at home.

Mixed drinks VS frozen drinks:

The above description cleared that the mixed drinks are a combination of two or more ingredients then what the frozen drinks are?

The mixed drinks with processed ice in a blender to give slushy texture results in frozen drinks. Some people prefer alcoholic frozen drinks while others go for non-alcoholic frozen drinks. Likewise mixed drinks, frozen drinks can be prepared at home. Just mixed the ingredients, add some ice and pulse the blender to give slushy texture–your frozen drink is ready.

Consider, it is the hot day and you are sitting near your pool after finishing the laborious work of gardening. You want a glass of frozen drink to shed your tiredness away. Go add a sweetener, your favorite fruit, some water, and ice, and just pulse your blender to make a refreshing and soothing drink for you. For the whole process to happen you really need a good blender then in a few minutes, the glass of cool, refreshing drink is right in your hand. Consult the following table and details to get the best blenders for mixed drinks.

1. Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction maker

Want to have a chilled margarita? Go for Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction maker with its ice shaving blade in top-mounted ice reservoir. The 36-ounce blending jar is enough to give a reasonable amount of drink that you get in the restaurants. Owing to Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction maker you can get the same texture at your place. The ‘shave and blend’ option gives you the best-frozen drink. If you want to have a customized flavor you can use ‘shave only’ or ‘blend only’ option.

The no brainer mixing container has graduation for the quantity of Pina Coladas, rum, daiquiris, margarita. The jar is 9 by 15 by 21 inches approximately and dishwashing safe.

  • The blender with the technology to shave ice rather blend or crush it. Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction is the best blender for frozen drinks.
  • No brainer mixing tool with markings for the drinks.
  • Blender with ‘shave and blend’ settings to get yummy frozen drinks and with ‘Shave only’ or ‘blend only’ settings for a customized flavor.
  • The product is chrome colored with 15.95lbs weight.
  • Steel is used for making machinery while the jar and no brainer are made of plastic.
  • Both the blending jar and no brainer are dishwashing safe.
  • One year limited warranty offered by the company.
  • The style name introduced by the company is ‘single’.
  • The product is so great that it worths every penny.
  • Built with different thinking and technology.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Perfect for Pina Coladas and margaritas for the parties and individual use.
  • Lack of customer care service.
  • Occupies much space on the counter.
  • The shaved ice doesn’t mix with drink and melts within 5-10 minutes.

2. Oster, 7cup BLSTDG-B 6 speed, 7-cup blender

Attractively built with the stainless blades housed in the middle of the jar. The pre-programmed, one-touch system is designed to give you the same flavor all the time. Whether you are making margarita or trying your hands on a smoothie. The stainless steel blades perfectly crush ice to give smooth frosty drinks. The powerful motor of 450 watts is installed to support blades and crush ice. The blades supported by the motor also work out to grind hard nuts or coffee beans.

The two connecting pieces are made up of durable metal instead of plastic to make BLSTDG-B working for years. So you are not worried to buy a new blender for years and BLSTDG-B will keep performing from one party to the next. The six-speed setting from ‘high’,’ medium’ ‘low’,’pulse’,’ ice crush’, ‘ drinks’ all these settings are housed on a soft-touch electronic pad. On pressing ‘pulse’ the blender keeps working for 30 seconds and on pressing ‘drink’ for frozen drinks the blender works for 45 seconds and stops automatically. 

The BLSTDG-B is engineered to impress with its large handle and oval-shaped jar to get fitted in the refrigerator’s door. So you don’t need to pour the juice in another jar to put it in the refrigerator. Additionally, the easy pour lid with snap open spout allows you to pour the juice in the glass without removing the entire lid of the jar.

Last but not least, the jar and the lid made of Boroclass glass and dishwashing safe. Both are thermally tested with the temperature extreme. So you can safely put hot or cold drinks in the jar.

  • Blade made of stainless steel.
  • The pre-programmed, one-touch system.
  • The product is 8.35 lbs.
  • The six-speed settings on the soft electronic pad.
  • The oval-shaped jar to be fitted in the refrigerator’s door with the easy-open snap open spout and wide handle to lift the jar.
  • Jar and lid both are thermally tested and dishwashing safe.
  • The scratch-resistant glass jar.
  • The blender requires 700 watts to work.
  • The box package includes 7 cup jar with the lid, Oster BLSTDG-B blender, and a user guide.
  • Crush ice and frozen fruit with a breeze.
  • Makes a perfect smoothie.
  • Very potential and have a great blending capacity.
  • Crushes ice on the same ground helpful for delicate herbs
  • Perform cutting and chopping brilliantly.
  • Leaves chunks of frozen fruits while making a smoothie.

 3. Cleanblend ULTRA

Fulfil your kitchen needs with a cleanblend ULTRA, a 40oz blending container with 8 blades system to mix, chop, liquify and pulverize the ingredients to the tiny minute particles. The blades are made of stainless steel so they are harmless to the health. BPA free plastic is used to manufacture the container, so it does not emit toxic material in the container while blending. High grade metal is used in the assembly of the blender. 

  1. Oversized, virtually unbreakable plastic used
  2. Plastic used is BPA free
  3. Contains tamper wand for high processing.
  4. Stainless steel bearing on the top of plastic housing to give traction and power availability.
  5. The product is 11 by 13 by 16 inches.
  6. The weight of the blender is 11lbs.
  7. Package includes a nut milk bag and spatula.
  8. Available colors are black and red.
  9. It is the best blenders for mixed drinks.
  10. 1000 watt motor base.
  11. Company offers a 5 years warranty.
  • Compact and powerful to carve frozen fruits.
  • Fast, consistent and less noisy than other blenders.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Highly recommended product.
  • Makes purees,dressings, smoothies with best taste.
  • Carries much less space on the counter.
  • Slight burning smell initially felt but it went away with time.
  • Better than other brands.

4. Nutribullet ZNBF30400Z blender

Step up your blending game with the power and precision of Nutri bullet ZNBF30400Z blender. It works both as a blender and nutrient extractor. The three precision speeds ‘low’,’ medium’,’ high’, and pulse function works to blend the drinks and beverages with precision. The box comes with the 12W blender, 64oz jar with vented lid, one tamper, and a user manual. The stainless steel blades are housed in the pitcher jar to give smoothies, sauces, drinks, beverages of your own choice. The pitcher jar, lid are dishwashing safe and BPA free. 

  • Blender with three precision speeds and a pulse button.
  • The 1200 watts motor base with 64oz pitcher jar, vented lid, tamper, and a user guide.
  • The stainless steel blades performing cyclonic action to give smoothies, sauces, beverages, drinks.
  • The BPA free pitcher jar and lid.
  • The thermal shock tested pitcher to be used for soups, hot drinks, and other hot stuff.
  • The blender is 8.78 lbs.
  • Available in dark gray color.
  • Consult user guide before use otherwise you will end up in wrack.
  • The jar and lid are hassle-free dishwashing safe. 
  • The package dimension is about 16.4 x 14.3 x 12.3 inches.
  • The company offers a year warranty.
  • Best for frozen drinks and smoothies.
  • Pitcher locks in the base smoothly and easily.
  • Can easily handle big ice cubes.
  • Turns the fruits into juices so easily.
  • Running the blender for more than a minute can cause the pitcher to break soon.
  • Pitcher is made so that it is hard to clean it up quickly. The particles stick in the corners and it is not easy to clean the pitcher easily.

5. Oster blender Pro

Ready to blend your drinks with extra precision? Go and get Oster Pro with the smart three pre-programmed settings like other common blenders and other four pro settings to blend the drinks and beverages with great precision. And the pulse button to give extra control.

The blender is provided with 3.5 inches blade with a dual direction movement to provide you with a smooth and frosty drink. 1200 watt power motor which can crush ice. So you don’t need to hesitate to put ice in running blender and can get your cool drink instantly. In addition to the blender, it includes an extra 24-ounce smoothie cup.

  • Item weight is about 7 pounds, which means it is a smart blender not carrying enough space on your countertop.
  • The material used in manufacturing is plastic while the blades are 3.5 inches wide to flow the liquid to the axis of blades.
  • 6 cup boro class glass jar, thermally tested.  You can equally use the jar for cold and hot drinks.
  • The 1200 watt motor base to make blended shakes, mixed drinks, beverages, salsa, and smoothies.
  • The available color is Brushed Nickel.
  • Dishwashing safe jar and smoothie cup.
  • Makes excellent smoothie, having a customized button for a smoothie preparation. Just push the button the blender will work for a few seconds and your smoothy is ready.
  • Excellent blades leave no chunks while blending.
  • Blends frozen fruits and ice smoothly.
  • Good customer service provided every time.
  • Blender leaks while blending the stuff.
  • No strong material is used to assemble the product and the pieces of things are seen in the smoothies and milkshakes made in the blender.

Buyers’ guide:

If you are in the market (online or live) to buy the best blenders for mixed drinks you should be keen about the following key points and keep them in mind while buying.

1)Your kitchen needs:

Firstly, keep in mind what you need from the market and what you are going to buy? What is the demand for your kitchen? Are you out to buy the blender just to make mixed drinks or you need it to make baby puree food? Keeping your demands in the head makes a sensible decision. If you want the blender just for mixed drinks, then check out the list and buy. If you have other demands then go for a multi-purpose blender.

2) Size of the blender:

If you have a big kitchen then it never minds but if your kitchen is pretty small then be careful while selecting the machines you are going to buy. If you need to just display your blender on the countertop or going to put it in your cabinet then check out the dimensions first and then buy the product that fits your kitchen.

3) Check your pocket’s capacity:

Go for the product that fits your budget limit. Don’t go out of your budget, it will disturb your budget and you need to be worried either for paying bills or maintaining your car. Check out the prices first and buy the product with good reviews and low price. It is not hard and fast that the expensive things, always worth your pennies. You can have good products at a cheap price but it depends on your research.

4) Warranty is Guarantee:

Rely on the company offering good warranty time. At Least the warranted things assure you that your bought product will be replaced or the company will return your money if the product is not up to your expectations.

5) Research and reviews:

Keenly research the blender, you are going to buy. Check out its rating, dimensions, specification, accessories, warranty, and then buy wisely.

The other thing you need to consider is customer reviews. If you are out in the online market to buy a product then you can easily check the reviews written by former users about the product but if you visit the market physically to buy the product then ask your friends first about the product or the company’s repute. When you are confident about the company and the product then buy freely.

6) Customer support service:

The company providing good customer care service is more preferred than the delaying company. Answering customer’s calls and responding to their queries make the company well-reputed. So be sure about the company’s response to the service.

7) Buy running items:

While buying the products grab the running versions. Because they are replaceable and you can get their spare parts whenever possible. The old versions are not replaceable; you can hardly get their spare parts most often.

Instructions after buying the blender for the mixed drink:

Read the manual:

All the companies, particularly the company’s selling electrical gadgets, include a user manual in the box package to ease the customer. The user manual highlights with the pictures (usually) how to assemble the product when you get it, how to use it, and how long you can use it. Reading and following the manual you will not harm your product.

Use with patience:

Be patient! Especially while using blenders. Use a pulse button mostly so your machine also finds ease to work with you. Never run the blender for more than one minute. The machine will heat up and will die soon.

Don’t overfill:

Everything is good when it is within the limits. When you are out of limits you have to face the music. Same in the case while using a blender for mixed drinks. Never overfill the pitcher jar, fill up till the marked limit and use it. It will not only work well but will have a long life then.

Keep clean:

Cleaning also increases the life of the product. Keeping your blender and jar clean, make them usable for a long time. On the other hand, if the dirt keeps stuck in the blender it will end up soon and will not work for long.


1.Which blender should I use to serve different flavors of margarita?

Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction maker is best 

or margaritas because it shaves ice to give slushy texture rather crush or blend ice.

2. Which blender is best to serve a mixed drink at the party?

Oster, 7cup BLSTDG-B 6 speed is good to serve the mixed drink at the party as it makes  7 cups at a time.

3.What is the size of no brainer dispatched with Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction?

It is about 54oz and very useful to make mixed drinks as it has markings on it for them.

4.The 24-ounce smoothie cup found with Oster blender pro, is workable to make salsa or the stuff other than a smoothie?

Maybe consult the manual first, if it is written in it then definitely you can use it for other things.

5.How can I use my Nutribullet for nutrient extraction?

The high fibre nuts, seeds, veggies are transformed into fibre rich smoothies which are easy to absorb and digest then.

6.I have lost my one expensive blender, the reason may be overfilling, at what level should i fill my jar to not face the same situation again?

Read the manual first before using blender from any company, every company and every version has its own capacity . And be 2-3 ounce lower than the mentioned capacity of the blending jar.

7. Does anybody feel the burning rubber smell from Cleanblend ULTRA?

When I had my cleanblend ULTRA, initially I felt that it smell like burning rubber but that smell vanished away with time.

8.Which blender is most powerful to be used for frozen drinks?

Cleanblend ULTRA is considered the most powerful among above mentioned blenders with high rating and less negative reviews from the customers.


Check out the above details for the best blenders for the mixed drinks. Considering the reviews of the users is very important. Follow the user guide before using the blenders. Select the blender which is easy to use and easy to clean. If you are fond of drinks, get your own blender and make drinks at your home.

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